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Art for the Reef


 The Bottom Line is an ongoing series of black and white artworks that reflect upon the issues surrounding the Great Barrier Reef, and marine ecosystems around the world.

Support the art, support the reef.

Mining, plastic waste, coral death, species endangerment and climate change are all very real issues that threaten to destroy a vital part of the environment. Therefore, these themes comprise the subject of the series. Some of the works imagine a possible future without intervention, and others depict an alarmingly present reality. By purchasing an artwork from this site, you are making a 15% donation to marine conservationists, AYCC or Moorea Coral Gardeners but more importantly, you are taking part in an illustrated protest against environmental complacency.

This website was made possible by a Kickstarter campaign.

Press: Impakter Magazine


Each artwork reflects upon the reef and the threats posed to it, whilst still reflecting the beauty of the marine landscape. In order to make a statement on the growing issue of coral bleaching, reference black, shiny coal, bright white plastic and oily greys, it was decided that the series would be black and white.

The natural visual richness of the reef has inspired this project at it’s core.


The Bottom Line is not only a series of artworks and an online presence, it’s also making a mark on the streets! A paste up poster campaign will be launched in conjunction with the project. Protests belong on the streets, and so do these provocative artworks. This paste up campaign will be used to spread the word about this project and the issues it addresses.

Want to be a part of the campaign? You can own a print from the series.


How much is a 15% donation exactly?

When you buy a print or a shirt, 15% of the profits from that sale will go to charity. This means the profit after the costs associated with producing the print. Shipping and handling costs are calculated as an additional fee and won't effect the profits made from a purchase.

Why not just give to charity?

This series of artworks is designed to be a physical reminder to be kinder to our earth.

By hanging some of this artwork in your home or office space, I hope it can serve as a reminder to make small changes to the way you eat, shop, dispose of waste and so much more. It is an added bonus that I am able to use this platform to raise even a small amount of funds for conservation efforts.

Where can I find out more about the charities you will donate too?

Funds will be distributed between the AYCC (Australian Youth Climate Coalition) and the Moorea Coral Gardeners.These are both charities I have personally gotten in touch with the formed a relationship with. They have each seen and supported this project. (They each operate outside of the government too)!


Moorea Coral Gardeners:

Will you be creating any new designs?

This project is already full of artworks and choices for print works! However I have enjoyed making these works so much that I do plan to continue making pieces, and would ideally love to have an exhibition for the project.

Are your prints only available in one size?

For now, in order to keep profit, donation and shipping costs manageable, I am only offering one size print. This may change later on. (I am only one person).

For any other questions, or to get in touch with press opportunities, get in touch!